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Passport Office Issues Warnings for Hurricane Season

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
Passport Cayman Islands

Passport Holders Beware of Hurricane Season!

Cayman Island Passport Office authorities highly suggest that passports and all other vital documents including birth and marriage certificates, naturalization papers, and Caymanian residence papers be copied and then kept in waterproof containers. 

In addition, the original documents and the copies should be stored securely, but in separate locations. This advice applies especially during hurricane season.

The Passport Office also suggests the need to check that passports and other travel documents are valid and are not expired.  Holders of Cayman Islands passports should submit only copies of those passports, along with applications for United Kingdom passports. Actual passports should not be sent.

Holders of UK passports that are due to expire within the next 6 months should not send them away for renewal.

During emergency situations, in particular approaching hurricanes / tropical storms, vital documents should be kept on hand, secured in waterproof containers in the event of evacuation.

This warning also includes travelers to the United States, either immediately before or after a hurricane, must ensure that their passports are in order.

Holders of Cayman Island passports without a US visitor’s visa must first obtain US visa waivers from the passport office to make them eligible for travel to the US.  Visa waivers can only be placed in machine-readable Cayman Island passports.

Holders of Cayman Island passports must ensure that the passports are valid for at least six months after the estimated date of departure from the US.  Travelers to other destinations should know and comply with the travel requirements of respective countries.

Travelers should also keep in mind that travel documents cannot be issued when weather conditions facilitate the closure of government offices, including passport offices.

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