Passport Day in the USA: Will Government Shut Down Rain on the Passport Parade?

Passport Day in the USA

It seems that the US Department of State didn’t see the possible federal government shut down coming when they announced that Saturday, April 9th would be National Passport Day in the USA.  Now, if the federal government shut down takes place on April 8th, then the US Department of State has announced that National Passport Day in the USA will not be held.

passportThe passport event that spans across the US was put into effect as an opportunity for passport applicants to apply for passports during extra Saturday hours at passport acceptance facilities.  Rush Passport™ is always open on Saturdays, so we actually celebrate Passport Day in the USA every week!

If the government does stay open and is able to avoid the shut down, then passport hopefuls will be able to apply for passports all day Saturday.  If not, it is hard to tell when new passports will be made available.

In the event of a government shutdown, American passport holders who are already traveling abroad can still do so.  Also, they will still be able to receive emergency passport assistance from US Embassies and consulates.  The cut backs, however, will have an effect on some of the other work that the consulates do, such as processing US visas.

Hopefully the government shut down will not take place and Passport Day in the USA will be a day in which several American citizens are able to get their passports.

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