US Passports by State: You’ll Never Guess Which State Has the Highest Ratio of Citizens to Passports

Passports are not as popular with US citizens as people expect.  The latest US passport statistics have been released and surprisingly enough, just 30% of US citizens are US passport holders.  Are you shocked by the number of Americans without US passports?  How many Americans actually have a passport?  Which states have the highest ratio of citizens that are US passport holders?  Do states on or close to the coast tend to have higher ratios of citizens to US passports than land locked states? 

US passport mapYes, its true.  States that are either on, or close to the coasts have a tendency to feature the highest percentage of citizens holding US passports.  The top states with the highest ratios valid US of citizens to passports are California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Delaware.  All of these states feature over 60% of the citizens with US passports.  Do you know which state has the overall highest ratio of citizens to passports?  If you guessed New York, you’re wrong.  If you think California has the highest passport to citizen ratio, then you are wrong again.  It’s not Massachusetts either.  Nor is Delaware the leader in passport ratio.  Yup, you guessed it, New Jersey is the winner with over 68% of its citizens holding valid US passports.

There is one state that has the lowest percentage passport holders.  Do you know which state it is? Here’s a hint: It’s not east of the Mississippi or west of the Mississippi because it is Mississippi.  Less than 20% of Mississippi citizens hold US passports.

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