Passports Non-Gender-Specific?

Passport Non-Gender-Specific

Are Non-Gender-Specific Next On the List for the US?

In an earlier, Rush Passport™ blog entry, it was reported that the US Department of State had updated its policy regarding the changing of passports for transgender people.

Under the previous policy, the Department of State had required that a person undergo sexual reassignment surgery prior to making revisions to the passport.  The new passport policy for transgender passport holders, states that a doctor must attest that the person is in the process of undergoing clinical treatment for gender transition.

If you think the US Department of State’s decision seems cutting edge, wait until you hear about this… Did you know that in 2003, the Australian Government actually issued a passport that identified the holder as neither male nor female – but as ‘X’.  It’s true, Alex MacFarlane, an androgynous person, became the first person in the world to be issued a non-gender-specific passport.

Now another Aussie, known as ‘Norrie’ is in the process of getting ‘her’ passport changed to non-gender-specific.  On April 3, 1989, Norrie, a 27 year old man, underwent clinical treatment to become a woman.  At that time, the Scottish-born Norrie was identified as “transsexual” – a woman born inside a man’s body. However, today, the 49-year-old is a self-described “happy eunuch”.

At Norrie’s request, the Australian Government issued ‘her’ a replacement birth certificate that was non-gender-specific.  The certificate was later deemed invalid by the Attorney General and Norrie reported the case to the Federal Human Rights Commission for allegedly breaching the United Nations Charter on Human Rights.

While such instances are rare anywhere in the world, some countries have shown support.  India, for example, has in recent years actually opted to offer a non-gender-specific option on passport applications.  In addition, Nepal has reportedly issued at least one non-gender-specific passport to a citizen as well.

What a non-gender-specific passport means for society in general – I’m not sure.  Only time will tell what the next modification to the passport system will be.  Regardless of how everything plays out, you can be certain of one thing – Rush Passport™ can help you get your passport.  If you are interested in getting a US Passport or US Passport Card, visit the passport professionals at or call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a Live Agent.  (877) 937-7277 (All 50 States) or (212) 643-9305 New York Agency.

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